NaturEtrade creating a marketplace for ecosystem services

A LIFE+ project funded by the EU


The overall aim of this project is to develop an innovative solution to the loss of ecologically-rich land in Europe.

Landowners are very familiar with government grants that help them conserve important biological and cultural features of their land, but there is very little known about how non-government incentive schemes might work in practice.

This innovative project will work with landowners and businesses in different European countries to explore how they would utilise the tools and technologies we develop to trade in the commodity ‘ecosystem services’.

The project will develop a set of tools and technologies that bridges the gap between academic research and policy on ecosystem service provision, and its dissemination to private and public landowners.

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The problem of biodiversity loss

In the EU, around 1500 ha of bio-diverse land are lost every day to changes in infrastructure and urbanisation. The implications of this land conversion are serious:

it directly affects key ecosystem services that help mitigate the effects of harmful climate change, and support natural infrastructure and sustainable use of natural resources.

Ecosystem services at risk

  • water cycle regulation
  • cultural amenities
  • wildlife conservation
  • ecosystem resilience
  • carbon sequestration
  • pollination
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