NaturEtrade creating a marketplace for ecosystem services

A LIFE+ project funded by the EU

NaturEtrade is web-based mapping tool that aims to, where possible, overcome market failures which have resulted in the degradation of natural capital and associated ecosystem services.

It is an easy-to-use ecosystem service evaluation tool and trading platform being developed for landowners to measure the ecosystem services provided by their lands. Beneficiaries of ecosystem services will be able to contract with landowners for the continued and enhanced provision of these services.

how NaturEtrade works

The website is in development. Currently we have provided an alpha site that enables land managers in England and Wales to map their rural properties (if registered on the Land Registry) and download information on five ecosystem service categories. In the coming year the site will be developed to enable investors of ecosystem services to form contracts with landowners to ensure continued provision of these valuable services.

NatureTrade will also be rolled out to the following European Countries in the coming year: Croatia, Romania and Spain.

NaturEtrade is a Life + funded project.