NaturEtrade creating a marketplace for ecosystem services

A LIFE+ project funded by the EU and the University of Oxford

Long-term Ecology & Resource Management Group

This research group within the University of Oxford’s Department of Zoology is headed by Professor Kathy Willis. It aims to deliver:

  • High quality biodiversity information with strong societal relevance;
  • Greater understanding of the processes that lead to sustainable and resilient ecosystems both within and, importantly, beyond protected areas;
  • Tools to identify key areas for the long-term provision of biodiversity and the valuation of the ecosystem services that it provides;
  • Methodological evaluation frameworks and models to quantitatively measure and compare success of contrasting conservation management policies and initiatives;
  • Policy-dialogue networks with stakeholders to ensure two-way knowledge. It is part of the Biodiversity Institute, an Oxford Martin School created to establish a world-class, agenda-setting programme focused on finding pragmatic solutions to address one of the greatest 21st Century challenges: global biodiversity loss. It combines excellent on-going and new cross-disciplinary research across the University with practical applications to meet the needs of stakeholders and governments.

Key people working on NaturEtrade are: Professor Kathy Willis, Dr. Peter Long, Dr. Sandra Nogué, Dr. David Benz, Dr. Gillian Petrokofsky, and Dr. Beccy Wilebore.

Sylva Foundation

The Sylva Foundation is a charitable trust and a company limited by guarantee. Its passions are supporting forestry science, promoting trees and their management to the public, and supporting the production and availability of home-grown timber.

It runs a number of projects under the Science, Education and Forestry programmes. Sylva’s charitable objects are to promote the conservation of the environment for the public benefit consistent with sustainable development principles by:

  • Advancing education for the public benefit in the theory and practice of sustainable forest management;
  • Promoting and conducting research for the public benefit about effective sustainable forest management and the dissemination of the useful results of such research;
  • Supporting the development and application of sustainable forest management for the public benefit;
  • Advancing education and business enterprise in the design and production of home-grown wood products for the public benefit.

Key people working on NaturEtrade are: Dr Gabriel Hemery, Alistair Yeomans, and Richard Pigott.

Institute for New Economic Thinking (INET)

The Institute for New Economic Thinking at the Oxford Martin School (INET Oxford) is a multidisciplinary research institute dedicated to applying leading-edge thinking from the social and physical sciences to global economic challenges.

The Institute includes over 60 affiliated scholars from disciplines that range from economics, to mathematics, computer science, physics, biology, ecology, geography, psychology, sociology, anthropology, philosophy, history, public policy, business, and law.

Key people working on NaturEtrade are: Alex Teytelboym who is the Otto Poon Research Fellow at the Economics of Sustainability group at INET Oxford, and Scott Kominers who is a Junior Fellow at the Harvard Society of Fellows and in Spring 2016 he is a Visiting Fellow at the Oxford Martin School.

Alex and Scott are both economists interested in designing markets.